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Laboratoires Expanscience Commitment To Research & Developpment

Laboratoires Expanscience’s industrial, research and development activities are located on a single site in Epernon, France, West of Paris. 

In 2009, Laboratoires Expanscience launched a new production program by investing nearly €20 million over a three-year period to double the lipochemical active principle (unsaponifiables issued from avocado and soybean oils) extraction capabilities. This development includes the construction of a new environment-friendly building, which meets European HQE (green building) standards.

With 85 patents, more than 803 scientific publications (conferences, posters, publications, of which 57 for ASU - Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiable), Laboratoires Expanscience has yet attained great scientific achievement but still moves on. The multidisciplinary approach of the R&D teams - composed of diverse profiles: M.D., PhD, pharmacists, engineers, and technicians in chemistry, biology, extraction technologies etc.- and their synergy with both industrial and marketing teams are of considerable strength and added value for the company.

The company's expertise in the area of active ingredients isolated from plants results from a 30-year commitment by Laboratoires Expanscience. Through the years, plant chemistry has become one of the company’s major areas of expertise. Its indisputable reputation of expertise in plant chemistry relies on innovation, technology, process control, commitment and passion from the R&D teams. Today, Laboratoires Expanscience is acknowledged as an authority in its area of expertise.

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