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Responsible Business Practices

As a member of the Global Compact since 2004, Laboratoires Expanscience have adopted an active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, factoring in the impact that Expanscience’s business has on people and on the environment. Ensuring that Expanscience products lower their environmental impact and provide patients with more effective treatment are central to its strategy.

In practice, this approach covers the company’s entire activity: Laboratoires Expanscience commit to act responsibly in its choice of raw materials and sourcing streams, in its relations with its suppliers and service providers, in its environmental practices, in terms of ethics and management, from product design to development and in its dialogue with stakeholders. In 2010, the company set itself seven goals to achieve by 2015 in relation to its major impacts, ensuring that its CSR approach ties in with its business strategy. Among these goals, Expanscience has engaged itself:

  • • To eco-design 100% of new Mustela and Noviderm dermo-cosmetics products;
  • • To develop an action plan in order to reduce the environmental impact of its main medication;
  • • To implement a CSR action plan for 100% of its plant supply chains;
  • • To reduce its consumption of gas, electricity, water and waste production by 20% at the industrial site (compared to 2010);
  • • To reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (excluding sourcing of raw materials and subsidiaries' distribution activities) by 20% (compared to 2008);
  • • To promote an employee skills-development policy to further professional development and improve company performance;
  • • To achieve 100% of the "working-life quality" program.

In 2013, the CSR approach of Laboratoires Expanscience were assessed as “Exemplarity” according to the AFAQ 26000 assessment method. It is the first pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory that has reached this level. 


As part of its commitment concerning its plant supply chains and its responsible purchasing policy, Laboratoires Expanscience identify and organize responsible sourcing streams that are known to respect biodiversity, traceability and that are naturally harmless.
For instance, avocados used by Expanscience are extracted in many forms - avocado oil, concentrated avocado oil, exfoliating powder, avocado peptides and sugars - Expanscience uses every part of this fruit in its products in order to avoid wastes.
With the aim to support these actions, Expanscience became a member of the UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade), an international non-profit organization that works to promote ethical practices in the supply of ingredients sourced from native biodiversity, in 2011.
As a member, Laboratoires Expanscience agreed to comply with the principles of the UEBT and to assess its supply chains against these criterion as part of a continuous improvement approach.



Laboratoires Expanscience nurture a workplace of respect and strongly encourage the development of Corporate Social Responsibility approach by encouraging the employees to responsible behavior in their professional life. Furtherless the company has chosen to allocate a part of its cash flow to socially responsible investments (18% in 2014).



Laboratoires Expanscience also establish durable and respectful relations with the company’s network of suppliers. To select them, Laboratoires Expanscience use economical, ethical, social and environmentally sustainable development criteria. In 2007, Expanscience established a responsible purchasing policy in order to better manage the respect of its CSR principles (United Nations Global Compact Principles) by integrating them into a CSR clause into its new purchase contracts since 2012.



Laboratoires Expanscience are perpetually reviewing and improving their commitment to the environment. In 2012, the Épernon production site was certified ISO 14001. This followed the implementation of an environmental management strategy at the Epernon site, which included identifying and understanding the challenges involved, and assigning people to manage them. Laboratoires Expascience also set up a building dedicated to the production of its main medication’s active ingredients of natural origin - as part of a High Environmental Quality (HEQ) approach - and a pretreatment facility for wastewater. At the end of 2014, the results already exceed for water (-26%) and gas (-27.5%) targets (for 100 units of products compared to 2010). Waste remains a point of progress. Nevertheless, the ambitious projects should enables us to reach the objective. 


For more information about the main commitment results:


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