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A Unique Approach for ASU ExpanscienceTM

Our commitment: A uniquely composed Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiable

Laboratoires Expanscience is a global leader in the manufacture and evaluation of unsaponifiables. With a strong heritage in plant lipid chemistry, the company pioneered the technology behind ASU extraction. Notably, it was the first in the world to use molecular distillation, and is currently the largest ASU producer using this process. Laboratoires Expanscience also has direct control over the supply chain. Importantly, key aspects of the production of ASU ExpanscienceTM are protected by patents.

Laboratoires Expanscience produces the original, scientifically processed and clinically proven1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 formulation of ASU. ASU ExpanscienceTM is supported by scientific evidence and is the only one endorsed by international health authorities. In fact, studies conducted on other ASU found on the market have demonstrated that most of these products contain reconstituted and partial compositions from different sources, as opposed to the actual full set of unsaponifiables extracted from oils found in ASU ExpanscienceTM.7

Extensive experience, unique manufacturing process, and patented processes are the reason why ASU ExpanscienceTM is of unique composition and no equivalent on the market.

Our approach: every step matters

Fully controlled procurement and processing of Avocado and Soybean oils Unsaponifiables, the two main active components of ASU ExpanscienceTM allows the company to obtain active ASU via a GMP compliant process. At Laboratoires Expanscience, we achieve excellence through rigorous identification and control of various parameters known to influence the chemical composition of the various products obtained through the entire manufacturing process.

See our extraction process:

extraction process


Our commitment to a distinct and outstanding ASU relies on:



We select the taxonomic characteristics of avocado and soybean plants to ensure maximized potential and quality of the active substances. Following validation, we use selective crops and varieties known to present quality criteria that ensure optimum quality.


Expanscience has placed plants at the center of its product and innovation strategy. As part of its responsible purchasing policy, Expanscience adopted a methodical selection and validation of the cultivated areas as well as the establishment of a long-term partnership with local members. This approach testifies to its commitment to ensure a secured procurement and traceability, from planting to the active stages. Since 2011, Laboratoires Expanscience have been a member of the UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade), an international non-profit organization that works to promote ethical practices in the supply of ingredients sourced from native biodiversity. Expanscience is committed to applying these principles through the regular audit of its supply chains.


Our exclusive long-term partners' know-how and their extensive knowledge of plant transformation processes guarantee sustainable quality at all stages of the process.


Quality controls are continuously performed throughout the entire manufacturing process; from the raw materials used up to the packaging of the end products. This discipline enables us to deliver manufactured products exhibiting high and reproducible levels of conformity and quality. Moreover, routine internal and external audits yield continuous improvement and high efficiency of our quality system.


In order to prevent potential risks associated with the use of raw materials, techniques, and variations related to the environment, we regularly monitor our procurement channels and have introduced frequent purification stages during our process. These measures preserve the high level of quality of all our products.


Our production unit is specialized in the concentration, enrichment and purification steps of the compounds obtained from vegetable oils. The unit has developed and patented specific techniques such as molecular distillation, liquid-liquid extraction and thin-film deodorization, thereby providing us with unique technical skills regarding the unsaponifiables extraction operations.


The variability which is inherent to all plants and their corresponding extracts is corrected by the constant adjustment of the process parameters. With such flexibility, the composition of the various components of ASU ExpanscienceTM is maintained.

Therapeutic benefits have been proven at the ratio of avocado/soybean, 1:2, w/w. 2, 8 This ratio has undergone clinical investigation on individuals.6 Hence, the results observed are specific and unique to the ASU ExpanscienceTM (Ownership of this data remains with Laboratoires Expanscience).



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